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A page with all collected community tools for CurseForge?!

· 2 min read

Wait.. what? A new page, that contains all tools? Nah, that's can't be right.

Well, not entirely, since we're only just starting up with collecting all the tools.

And we're starting with the tools that we've built ourselves to start with.

New tools

These are some of the tools we've built ourselves.


This one packs a punch. It's a CLI (Command Line Interface) that allows you to install a Minecraft server, with the extra feature, that you can download modpacks from CurseForge with it, and use as servers.

Made by: NoLifeKing85

What CurseForge project is this? / CFLookup

This project aims to provide a way to look up CurseForge projects by their ID, and get the project's data, which is used to get the project's page.

And we also get really cool embeds, that you can use in your Discord server, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Made by: NoLifeKing85

CurseForge API Client (.NET, NuGet)

This project aims to be a fully functional .NET client that allows you to use the CurseForge API,

All you need is an API key, your partner ID and a contact email to get started.

Made by: NoLifeKing85