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How to run CF-MC-Server

This guide will help you get your first modpack server started!

Getting Started

First of, you need to have at least one version of Java installed on your computer/server.

You can check if you have Java available in your PATH, by typing java -version in a terminal.

If you have Java, it should output something like this

C:\Users\NoLifeKing> java -version

openjdk version "11.0.12" 2021-07-20
OpenJDK Runtime Environment Microsoft-25199 (build 11.0.12+7)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Microsoft-25199 (build 11.0.12+7, mixed mode)

It could also output other information, this is just the version I happened to have installed.

Downloading CF-MC-Server

You can download the latest version of the CF-MC-Server executable from GitHub.

GitHub release (latest by date)

Currently we support Windows and Linux.

Unzip this into a directory, where you want it.

Running the installer in interactive mode (easiest)

And then you can simply start the interactive mode like this

First we need to make the executable, well, executable, so run chmod +x ./cf-mc-server, otherwise you can't execute anything. :)

mc-server@server ~ # chmod +x ./cf-mc-server
mc-server@server ~ # ./cf-mc-server interactive

And within this interactive setup, you will get the options to:

  • Select path where the server is installed (or use the default)
  • Choose between using project ID or searching for project name
  • Select modpack version
  • If you want to start the server directly after it's done installing

Running the installer without additional input (harder)

If you already know which modpack and which version you want to run, you can run the tool with arguments to tell it what and where to install it.

mc-server@server ~ # ./cf-mc-server 477455 3295539 /home/mc-server/servers

Startup script

The installer will also create a startup-script, that you can modify to include additional Java arguments, in case you want to increase memory or things like that.

If you are running Linux, you need to make this script executable, so that you can run it afterwards.